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Musical Elements of Bill Evans Playing On A Clear Day

December 28, 2013


From the site:

I chose the session topic �Do Transcriptions Really Tell the Story� after learning of so many new collections of Bill Evans transcriptions on the market and my own frustration in attempting to recreate the art of Bill Evans from those transcriptions alone.� I put together a CD with all the tunes transcribed in the publication for easy reference. I am a mere bass player, not a jazz pianist, but I do encourage my wife, who can play the instrument, to read as many of these transcriptions as she has the time for because there is something very exciting about hearing the notes that Bill played in your own living room, on a decent piano. After listening to a lot of the recordings and to my wife (who listens to Bill) try to play the transcriptions, I realized that there is just as much (perhaps even more) musical material not captured by traditional music notation.� I thought it would be fun as well as educational to point out as many of these �non-written� items as possible in the hope that others and I could understand Bill�s playing and persona a little more.


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