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How To Practice Jazz For Long Term Growth

December 28, 2013


From the site:

So, I’d like to share with you  4 of the common elements these jazz greats seemed to make a part of their practice routine.

The 4 Elements

    Learning Tunes- They all had/have an incredible amount of repertoire under their belt.  How do we know this?  The sheer amount of  tunes these greats had/have recorded.  Here’s an article on jazz standard tune learning.

    Transcription – They all respected the tradition and the jazz vocabulary that came before them.  They all studied and transcribed the music that came before them.  For example: Barry Harris (although not an inventor of bebop) has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the bebop vocabulary.  Bill Evans was thoroughly grounded in bebop, modal playing, and impressionistic classical music.

    Technical Development – They all had high degrees of technical proficiency and continued to develop their chops as their careers progressed (with Oscar Peterson probably being the one with the most emphasis on this.  Very few pianists could burn like Oscar).  None the less, every one of these guys could play and swing their #$$es of from slow ballads to burning up tempo tunes.

    Vocabulary Learning (Lick Learning) – Ever notice how Barry Harris can sound so much like Bud Powell and Thelonius Monk at times?  Why is this?  He’s studied a ton of their amazing vocabulary.  Why do the piano runs Oscar Peterson played in early in career sound so much like Art Tatum?  He learned many of Tatum’s virtuosic runs!  Why does Chick Corea at times sound harmonically like Bill Evans?  He’s studied Bill’s incredible sense of harmony and inner voice motion.     (Need some help learning licks?  Check out these lessons Barry Harris Lick, Turnaround Lick, Bud Powell Influenced Lick, Minor ii-V-i Lick, or this Bebop Lick)


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