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November 1, 2012


“Bill Evans did not consider the book of classical music closed after his student years to only live on his roots as a jazz pianist. Nenette Evans: "When he played at home it was primarily classical. Several times he and Warren Bernhardt played 4 handed pieces. Bill had a vast amount of sheet music, some he would look at, others not. I rarely, if ever, heard him play jazz at home." His son Evan Evans about the discovered "Practise Tapes" of Bill Evans: "I get the impression that he would practise some classics like Bach or Ravel, and he would just do that for a while, as if to shake out the blues and traditional jazz and exercise his hands. It’s like he goes into this classical music for 10 or 30 minutes, or an hour or two, and he would just bear down with this classical music. But then, suddenly, he would burst into his own thing. Obviously he was hoping there’d be some correlation with the mastery of the classical music – that something would be brought across, or, that part of what he discovered artistically by playing would be brought in his own music. A kind of osmosis."
About Evans writing about the philosophy of music: "There was someting around the order of ten to twenty thousand pages that my father wrote about very strange, abstract ideas on the philosophy of music." (Interview with Evan Evans in 2000 by Eric Nemeyer in Jazz Improv).”


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